Why risk your personnel by having them cleaning things such as dangerous
blood borne pathogens for which they are untrained and unequipped for?

One worker's compensation claim for exposure could run into the millions of dollars, not to mention losing a valuable member of your staff. BIO-CLEAN helps protect your company from potential liability concerns.

BIO-CLEAN's most important resource is its Bio-recovery Technicians. Each technician is trained in blood borne pathogen abatement.

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Emergency 24 Hour Contact:
0419 320 624
PO BOX 1221, Werribee,
Vic 3030
Phone: +61 3 9369 8228
+61 3 9369 8229
Mobile: +61 419 320 624
24 Hour Emergency 0419 320 624
Email: contact@bioclean.com.au

Our team has an experienced Crime Scene Examiner on board should the need arise during cleaning that more evidence is discovered.

We care for our employees by utilizing state of the art protective equipment and providing inoculations and medical checks for each team member.

Our dedicated staff comes from diverse expertise. We employ part-time and on call staff members whose background includes law enforcement officers, health care workers, crime scene examiners, and emergency management staff.

All staff members are trained Bio-recovery Technicians. All employees are covered by Work Cover and liability insurance. BIO-CLEAN has its own OH&S and blood borne pathogen exposure control plan for its workers.  Our number one concern is the safety of our personnel and the customers we serve.

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