Trauma Cleaning

Our Services include:
Biological Cleaning of Death Scenes
Crime Scene Rehabilitation
Odour Elimination
Clandestine Laboratory: Cleaning, Disposal and Rehabilitation
Hydroponics Setup: Cleaning, Disposal and Rehabilitation
Cell Cleaning: Blood and Faeces Disposal
Complete Rehabilitation of any Incident requiring Biological or
Forensic Cleaning

Contact Us

Emergency 24 Hour Contact:
0419 320 624
PO BOX 1221, Werribee,
Vic 3030
Phone: +61 3 9369 8228
+61 3 9369 8229
Mobile: +61 419 320 624
24 Hour Emergency 0419 320 624

Insurance and payment:
Homeowners and business insurance companies will in most cases cover the rehabilitation costs. We can assist you with the filing of insurance claims and provide expert documentation for insurance companies. Every job we perform is photographed and video taped before we start and when we are finished.

We request that you open your claim and have your insurance agent call us for appropriate information and documentation.

For your convenience, we accept Cash, Bank Cheques, Money Orders, Direct Bank Credit and Personal Cheques with verification.

Payment Options

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