Crime Scene

A typical crime scene restoration involves the following processes:

This process begins by absorbing and picking up the larger quantities of contaminants. Often these become dry after an investigation has taken place, making the restoration and removal more difficult.

We then start working on the smaller areas of contamination mainly consisting of areas that may have splatter.
There are several ways that may be used to remove the contamination. These may include traditional cleaning, chemical or steam vapour cleaning methods.
Once the area has been cleaned we move to the sanitizing step. Depending on the type of clean up, disinfecting could include working with hospital strength disinfectants.
Odour Eradication
Every haemoglobin borne pathogen clean up requires some form of deodorizing. We utilize enzyme odour control products, Ozone gas and other types of odour neutralizing products to completely bring the area back to normal. Most decomposition odours can be defeated with our unique odour control process.
Insects and Pests
Unattended death scenes often attract nuisance pests and animals. Every restoration job we do is treated with a residual pesticide that controls flies, maggots, and other flying or crawling creatures.
Even though we excel at doing professional cleanups, it is sometimes necessary to prime and paint the affected walls and ceiling.  Our professional rehabilitation team carries appropriate primer and wall repair items for most situations. We are even able to colour match paint to existing walls or paint to the property owner’s specifications at an additional cost. If required, we will assist you in securing other contractors to successfully complete your restoration job.

Carpets & Mattresses
In most cases, if a small amount of contaminant is present on a carpet or mattress, we can take care of the stains. In the case of heavy or severe contamination, we will remove the carpet or mattress and dispose of it properly.
Waste Disposal
BIO-CLEAN Incident Rehabilitation Service is a licensed Victorian Clinical waste generator and transporters as per EPA regulations. The Environmental Protection Authority of Victoria requires that all Clinical waste be disposed of properly, at a licensed Schedule 4, disposal facility such as Sweeney Todd .

We care for the safety of others and the environment by disposing of all our Clinical waste at licensed waste facility. Our waste is tracked from the moment that it is generated to its final delivery at an authorized disposal plant. Our containment and disposal procedures strictly comply with the Code of Practice for the Management of Clinical and Related Wastes .
At BIO-CLEAN we guarantee our workmanship. We use professional, trained personnel. Unlike mop and bucket companies, we are rehabilitation experts. We have invested in the equipment and supplies to give each of our customer’s professional results. Finally, at the completion of the rehabilitation process, clients will be issued with a Certificate of Clearance.